Honoring Your Investment

You’ve put a lot of work into your wedding day.

Your whole love story is on display to be adored and celebrated.

I know, because I’ve been a bride before. Six years ago. All I wanted when I received my wedding photos was to see the joy on our faces as my husband and I looked at one another. I wanted to see the uniquely adoring way he gazed at me on our wedding day. I wanted to see our best friends from near and far GETTING LIT on the dance floor. I wanted to glimpse moments my guests were having I didn’t even have the chance to witness in person. I wanted my heart to skip a beat and visually remember that it all really did happen.

So I get what this means to you.


I get the deeply beautiful weight this wedding day or wedding weekend carries.

You need everyone to show up 100 percent. So I'll be real and honest---

I'm there—- celebrating, photographing, and advocating for you. I'm there, with a smile, a kind eye, a gentle persona, and a FIERCE camera, ready for every second of it. I’ll probably crack a few corny jokes or tell you how good looking you two are.

I do everything I can to honor your photography investment and your marriage. And I’m humbled to be a part of how you’ll remember your wedding for the rest of forever.


Photography Details and Packages

All wedding packages include one caring photographer (that’s me, Stacie), all pictures edited, a modern 8.5x8.5 canvas wedding album, ten polaroids of your wedding day, and a digital album to view, print, and download your entire wedding album from.

Wedding packages range from six to twelve hours of coverage and start at $2532 +TAX.

Travel fees and second photographer fees can be discussed for each package need. The option is available to include first dance song calligraphy or wedding vow calligraphy to your package. View my vow calligraphy here.

To receive my full rates and packages pDF, email Stacie at thedesignjamboree@gmail.com or fill out this quick wedding photography form.

Vow Details and Packages

Hand-written Words from your wedding can range from your wedding vows to first dance song lyrics to poems or scripture. The words you want to remember, written out in modern calligraphy and framed in your home. As a photographer, I don’t usually say there’s a better way to remember your wedding day… but hand-written vows might be something I advocate for more than photographs. Remembering what you said at the altar is important!

Vow packages range from $30-$600, with simple affordable print-your-own options to elegant completely hand-written, framed, and shipped to your front door options.


What People Are Saying…

The one with a post-wedding adventure | Kind words

Choosing Stacie was actually one of the first decisions we made in the planning process, it was a no-brainier. Having Stacie there was great. It felt like another friend was with us. We didn't even notice she was there for the more intimate parts like the first look and the ceremony. Stacie added to the fun as she interacted with our guests. A special part was that Stacie had asked us about the vision of our wedding before the day happened and helped make that vision a reality. Stacie is so fun! She kept everything light and fun and moving quickly. Even those that were not comfortable in front of the camera were at ease which made for some amazing pictures. We were so excited for our pictures. I have actually looked at them everyday since receiving them. The feeling was like a little kid at Christmas opening a highly anticipated gift and finding exactly what they had wished for. I think the atmosphere that she added was incredible. Stacie really cared about captur[ing] our day so that we could remember it forever. She was fun, loving and encouraging. Stacie really cared about Andrew and I and put a lot of care into making sure she captured all the important moments we wanted. When we had our pre-wedding conference we told Stacie it was important for our wedding to feel like a gathering and she really captured our love of community…

The one with insane rain downpours | Kind Words

We initially choose Stacie as our photography because our styles seemed like they would mesh really well, which they did! We are so glad we picked Stacie and couldn’t imagine a more perfect photographer for engagements, bridals, and of course the wedding! Stacie is SO FUN! My wedding party loved her! She was super easy to get along with and knew exactly what I wanted without me even having to tell her! We are so happy with how our pictures turned out! It was a crazy day with lots of crazy weather but she captured the day and all of its changes perfectly!

The one with a big family | Kind Words

It was comforting to have Stacie be confident and attentive with the bride, groom and guests. [She] was understanding and patient with everyone as we all tried not to lose our cool. We were beyond happy with the photo’s emotions— joy and awe flooded us as we looked through them as a couple. [She had an] all around good presence, [was] positive, [and] she made the day easy flowing, she allowed the bride and groom to focus on the day rather than the photography. She came with a full heart of love for the job she was doing and the people she got to serve doing that job.

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