Photography and Shop Policies

A Letter from Stacie:

At Design Jamboree, my hope is to help celebrate you and your biggest life events through creativity and care. I want to snap photos and design brands customers can't help but put on display. I want the card you send to those you cherish most to be the card they put on their fridge for everyone to see. I want your Family Photo Session pictures to be the ones you blow up real big and put over your faux fireplace. I want my photos to remind you of your love for you spouse, ten years after you’re married. 

If you have specific questions about my services, I would love to hear from you at


    We use contracts and require downpayment for our custom invitations, pre-made invitations, Custom logos, and Photography sessions. This is to help protect our time and creativity and to protect you as our customer get what you ask for. It keeps us all accountable and life is pretty busy, so a little accountability is always useful. :) If you would like to take a look at one of our contracts to see more detailed terms and conditions, feel free to contact Stacie at


    I typically ship your order within 5-7 business days. Custom orders need about 2 weeks to a month in advance to be completed and shipped depending on the size and nature of the order. All of this depends on what busy season my little shop finds itself in. I’ll make sure to communicate with you any delay in shipping timeliness, (that’s why you leave your email with me when you fill out our purchasing form, isn’t that convenient for us all?!) however, we strive to ship all items on time. This really is a one woman business, your patience is always valued. 

Custom Orders

    I perform custom orders after you have filled out my calligraphy form.


    Your privacy is our priority. Sharing your information with others or selling your information to others is an abomination in our eyes, an act we will never partake in. The information we have on you is really just in case we need to get in contact with you to chat about the product you ordered. Your credit card information isn’t stored anywhere. We aren’t creepers like that. We’re down to have safe and secure purchases only--- we’re pretty sure you are too. We’ll contact you, our customer, if anything seems fishy about an order we receive in your name. We will also ask for permission to post your photographs or designs before we show them off on our website. We like looking out for us and for you. Sound good? We think so.