Jamboree's New Intern | Wimberleigh


I'm so excited to introduce you to my first ever intern, Wimberleigh! She probably looks familiar if you've been following me for awhile! Not only has she been a model and a client of Jamboree, she's now been a VERY important working part of this business! 

Not only is Wimberleigh going to be learning all the MANY behind the scenes nuts and bolts of running a business, she'll also be second-shooting with me over the next few months. Her own behind the scenes work includes organizing and sending out Jamboree Newsletters as well as being the official Pinner for my business on Pinterest. 

I've already been able to conquer SO MUCH because of her and can't wait to see what having an extra pair of hands does for my business and it's growth! 

Here are some important FAQ's to know about Wimbo (that's one, I call her Wimbo sometimes!):

Jamboree: What’s your favorite inspiration quote?

W: "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost." Lord of the Rings

Jamboree: What celebrity are you told you look like?

W: TAY TAY (Taylor Swift)

Jamboree: Football, ballet, or badminton? 

W: Ballet...so grace much beauty

Jamboree: What’s your favorite broadway musical?

W: Tie between Cats (no shame!!) and Les Miserables

Jamboree: IF you had to sing only one song for the rest of your life, what song would you sing?

W: "One Day More" from Les Mis because I could always pick a different melody ;)

Jamboree: Where do you love shopping the most?

W: Old Navy is my JAM

Jamboree: If you had a celebrity help you decorate your home, which celebrity would you choose?

W: Blake Lively...her instagram is #goals

Jamboree: Foxes, camels, or tea-cup pigs?

W: FOXES! Their cute little faces! How could you not?!!

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