Songs I'm Dancing to These Days...

Headphones:  Beats  by Dre, Sweater:  Ross , Pleated Top Discontinued but found at  Altar'd State ,  GAP jeans,  and  Boots  by Everlane (they only care black now)

Headphones: Beats by Dre, Sweater: Ross, Pleated Top Discontinued but found at Altar'd State, GAP jeans, and Boots by Everlane (they only care black now)

Brett's Christmas present for me this year was The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. It's all about the ancient Enneagram and if you're me, you love diving into personality assessments, self-reflection, and figuring out why everyone else (mainly my husband) behaves, communicates, and functions the way they do. As my friend Josh would mention, the enneagram is hard to delve into because it's pointing out many of your flaws and pitfalls. Which is true. But it's also the reason I loved The Road Back to You, because you're also getting to see how to avoid pitfalls mentally, spiritually, and relationally. 

I've assessed myself, and discovered that I'm half Nine (the Peacemaker) and half Four (the Romantic). Both of those numbers are prone to procrastination, and after reading each numbers' description, it makes sense to me why starting projects and finishing challenging projects or papers has been SO hard for me my entire life.

But something I have enjoyed discovering about being a Romantic, is how music affects me.

I am the kind of person who gets motivated and inspired by music. I listen to sad songs when I'm sad. My mood, soul, and anger can be instantly shattered by a worship song. 

It's really hard for me to start my work day without some PUMP UP music ("Can't Stop the Feeling" got me through many a workday last year). It's also really easy for me to change my feelings instantly (or even break into a surprising sob) after listening to a melancholy song.

"As a younger man, I never met an emotion I didn't want to embellish or intensify. If I felt good, I wanted to feel ecstatic, so I'd play a Sinatra big band record... If I felt blue and introspective, I would listen to Samuel Barbers 'Adagio for Strings'-- anything to adrenalize whatever I was feeling in the moment." -The Road Back to You

So, I, Stacie, want to enjoy music SO fully (especially because I just got some Beats by Dre and they've CHANGED THE GAME for my productivity-- thanks wireless!), but I do think I have to be careful when it comes to music. To not let it swing me too far toward one feeling or another. I have to take care to really ask myself how I'm truly feeling and not just how the music is making me feel.  I can't listen to music to MAKE me feel and I can't listen to music to ESCAPE what I feel. Those aren't healthy reasons to listen.

But I really do love getting motivated or inspired by music. So I'm sharing with y'all, today, my favorite songs to dance around the house to, get inspired by, and slow dance to. 

Anyone else out there think music really impacts their feelings too? Anyone else Enneagram fanatics?

Butterflies, Kacey Musgraves. This is my new favorite slow dance. 

Space Jam, Quad City DJ's. Brett was singing this the other morning... so I put it on and cleaned the house to it. 

City Song, Grace VanderWaal. This is a good "Pretend I'm in a music video" song. 

Beat of my Heart, Hilary Duff. A good pick me up cause I'm lacking in energy kind of song for post-lunch time activities. 

Truly Madly Deeper, Yoke Lore (cover). Another slow dance to an amazing cover. 

Here (In Your Arms), HelloGoodbye Just straight up jumping up and down punch-dancing into the air. Major points to you if you sing this to your spouse or significant other like you are in a music video and they are the one you are singing about. It might make them feel awkward when you jump around, kiss them, and brush your cheek against theirs because the song mentions all of those things.

Also, a great practical joke Brett discovered on a recent roadtrip... Tell your spouse you're going to play their favorite playlist, but actually find a playlist of Farts on Spotify and play that instead. 

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