Abby | Editorial Portraits

One of my new years resolutions for 2018, is to learn more. Last year I tried new things, this year I'm learning more of what I already know. 

Which has led me to learning more about photography--- specifically portrait photography.

This was my first time to ever try out portrait lighting in a studio! If you're a natural light photographer, like I am, you understand how different a studio can feel to the outside world. 

This shoot was really fun and experimental, and, while I probably won't pursue a full time career of studio portrait photography, I really loved getting to pay more attention to lighting and shadows than to location and movement. I enjoy editing on the dark side, so since this was a "just for fun" shoot, I didn't shy away from moody lighting and dark/classy black and whites. 

When taking engagements or senior pictures I move around a lot and have my clients move naturally and with action, but inside a studio has forced me to focus solely on what I love and need from the light. I hope what I learned from this portrait session can further influence what I do with my clients outside. 

And let's just brag on Abby real quick. She's my friend and one of the women I get to chill with in Bible Study every week. And I think maybe she should consider modeling in her future, don't ya think?

While I love every serious shot of her, pretty much all of my favorites are of her laughing and smiling, because that's the Abby I've gotten to know the past few months. But laughing or smiling, she was really willing and vulnerable-- and if you know her like I do, I think she's like that in real life too. She tells it the way she sees it and she doesn't hide who she is and how she lives her life. And I really appreciate that about her. All I had to do was suggest a pose, and she would take care of the rest. It was special to me to hang with her this way.

Also, I want her dress. SO PRETTTYYY. 

What do you think of these portrait photos? Sort of Editorial and different huh?