Snow Day | Trujillo Family Portraits

Haley and Ruben are some of the real folks in this world. Down to earth and honest about how life really is. I like that about them.

They live in a really unique neighborhood, tucked away in a West Texas Canyon. I’ve never seen a neighborhood quite like theirs— houses with VERY differing architectural concepts hidden away in a canyon that surrounds a lake. Some houses look like they’re about to fall off the canyon cliffs they’re built on. It’s fascinating.

Our session was relaxed and consisted of a walk down to the lake in the snow. Really beautiful golden light on untouched snow. The creaminess in these photos comes from that light and the snow.

Haley and Ruben are living a three-kid life adventure.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Malachi without his super cool cowboy boots on. And oh boy— He was ready for a snowball fight every second of our walk through Ransom Canyon.

Hannah is really into dancing to a song about bananas these days. I love how care-free she is.

And Titus. His smiles. Some of the first smiles of millions he’ll have in his lifetime.