Garden walking pop-culture talking

My top Pop Culture Faves this week... Oh, and some of our favorite us + flower snaps from our walk through the Texas Tech Greenhouses the other day...


1. Aly and AJ's new single, Take Me Out.

RIGHT? Aly and AJ are still around? They're more than around... they're dropping a new album...and it's nothing like their last Teen-pop album that came out a gazillion years ago. It's like 80's keyboard meets the song you dance to in your living room when you're by yourself. You know I could still rock out to Potential Breakup Song if it ever came on at the rollerskating rink, But I'm PUMPED for their whole album and if you haven't heard their new single, go check it out on Spotify.


2. Ryan Hamilton's Happy Face on Netflix.

Comedians are hit and miss with me. I like to keep it light and positive and not too crude most listening to Ryan for an hour was a surprisingly fun part of my day. He's got a really happy looking face (like he looks like he's the toy that would come with a happy meal) and talks about his experience moving from a small town in Idaho to New York City. If you know anyone who's moved to New York, I'd for sure recommend.


3. Snow White's apartment in Once Upon a Time....

the other day I was walking through a new shop in Lubbock, Juxtaposh... and I was like, THIS IS EMMA SWAN AND SNOW WHITE'S APARTMENT IN ONCE UPON A TIME. Can whoever decorated their apartment please come decorate my house? Do ever wish you'll actually win the giveaways people are doing? I kind of wish the set decorator would do a "decorate your house" giveaway... and I kind of wish I could win it. 



I need you to know that your life is about to change!!!! And dare I say it?! I like this version better than the movie.... if only Christian Bale had auditioned... 


5. Marco Polo, find it in the itunes Store.

Isn't it just Snap Chat? I've heard it's the new snapchat for adults. You can send videos, they stick around longer than a day, and you can even create groups to send videos in. I've been using it for almost two weeks now and I'm liking it more and more every day. Using it to talk to my family (my bro and his wife in New York and my sis in Amsterdam) would be most likely what I would use it for. Have you tried it yet?