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Meet Suzie. Coffee caterer and DIY hostess.  

If Suzie and I lived a million states closer, I'd have hired her to cater coffee at my wedding (her latte syrups are homemade and AMAZING) and I'd show up to EVERY SINGLE one of her DIY events. 

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She's been working to take her business to new heights and I'm SO excited I got to be apart of the design process! While I no longer offer website set up for entrepreneurs, I still offer website art, branding, and graphic design! I was PUMPED when Suzie asked me to draw up some illustrations for her website! 

I thought it would be fun to let you get to know the beautiful creative/wife/mother she is and even learn some coffee/decorating tips (so you can get as addicted to her blog DIY's as I am!), so I interviewed her!

Stacie: Your favorite DIY project you’ve EVER done: 

Suzie: I have two favorite DIY projects. They are two of my favorites because they include two of my favorite things- my baby girl and coffee mugsl. My favorite DIY for my daughter was her first Thanksgiving day outfit. I made her a belt composed of felt pies. I love creating outfits that are one of kind and I thought the felt pies turned out so cute!  
My second favorite DIY would be my coffee mug peg board
I love coffee, but maybe even more so- I love the process of brewing and the slow, relaxed pace my husband and I spend together over our morning cup.  We love sitting down at the kitchen table first thing in the morning and chatting about what we have going on that day. I loved this project because it was fun to look at my collection of mugs every morning and choose which one I felt like drinking from. I am a bit attached to every single mug on the display and enjoyed being able to see them all! 

Stacie: Biggest mistake people make when they’re making their coffee at home: 

Suzie: Using pre-ground beans, instead of buying whole beans and grinding them at home. Freshly ground beans make a world of difference! You can buy a grinder for less than $15 and grind your beans in less than 30 seconds in the morning. 
Personal preference: black cup of coffee brewed with a Chemex, for the win. 

Stacie: Why you named your sweet daughter Lily: 

Suzie: My college roommate’s name was Lily. She was from Hong Kong and just the coolest. I admired a lot of things about Lily- I hope to see some of those same characteristics in my daughter.
Funny story- Lily  was present at over 75% of Joey and I’s dates, we loved her to pieces.
 One night, before I was even engaged to Joey, I told her that I was going to name my first daughter Lily. Luckily, Joey liked the name too :) 

Stacie: How do you want your business to have grown most five years from now? 

Suzie: I love hosting crafternoons. I would love to see those explode! I hope that I am able to host several a month, here in Radford and that others start hosting as well. I would love to see them become the next “wine and canvas” type of event. 
I am also working on my first e-book! I haven’t said much about it’s content yet, but I hope it is the first of many. 

Stacie: What is your favorite DIY blog to read? 

Suzie: A Beautiful Mess

Stacie: Me too. Always. 

Stacie: Every time I see pictures of your home, your color palette is so consistent and cute— how did you get your color palette so consistent and cute? 

Suzie: I will study different spaces/ pictures/ etc. that I have pinned on Pinterest and determine what it is I like about them. I look for common colors I am drawn to across several images. I try to narrow down my color palette to three main colors, per room. I collect items in those three colors, having everything else in the space be neutral. 
I think choosing a theme for each room helps with consistency, too. For example, most of my house I have labeled “Retro Flea Market.” When I am in a store, wanting to buy something, I ask myself if it really matches my theme- Is it retro? does it have a flea market feel? as well as does it match my space’s colors? 
So if your about to decorate a space- before buying anything, try labeling the room as well as determining your three main colors. 

Stacie: Now that you have a kid— how has that impacted your creative life? 

Suzie: Having a kid has impacted my creative life SO much. I really want Lily to grow up in an environment that she develops a love of repurposed and handmade goods over new and bought. I want her learn how to work hard and take the extra time to create things that are one of a kind. I think making things from scratch can bring about good character and adds so much joy to life. I can’t wait to see her discover her style and for her creativity to come out! 
Also, it has opened a door to whole new category of crafting// baby toys and clothes. I love creating toys that I would be happy to have laying on the floor in my living room -Toys that don’t make me feel crazy!  Or outfits that I will want to keep around for potential grandchildren because they are classic and handmade. 

Stacie: What was it like working with Stacie on your website graphics? 

Suzie: AMAZING. I sent her several images along with several descriptions of the “vibe” I hoped my website to have. She really heard me out and made graphics that fit my description to a "T". I now have a website that I can be proud to send people to. I also know that once they visit my website, they will know a lot more about my business and who I am through branding with her designs. 
I also just prefer her designs over any one else, she truly is a gifted artist. 
She is willing to make adjustments as your business grows and changes directions. As a newer creative business owner, I have had to make several word changes to different images she created. She quickly updated them and sent them back to me, so that no time was lost in the transition! 

Stacie: Would you recommend Jamboree Design and Photography to your friends who are looking for branding or wedding invitation design? 

Suzie: Heck. yes. I have recommended her to several friends and hope I can send several more lady-prenuers her way! I think the world of her and her amazing business. 


Go check out Suzie's  website and blog. Her website is SO fresh (because she used one of the GoliveHQ templates--- templates I will HIGHLY recommend to all entrepreneurs moving forward) and her blog has some LEGIT DIY projects.


Or just go check out how great she is at latte art. Latte art never gets old. 

More about Suzie: 

"I live in Virginia with my talented, handsome husband- Joseph. He is working on his PhD, a ridiculously good fisherman, and amazing cook. I am a stay at home mom, who espresso caters, and host DIY parties. I enjoy all things retro, homemade, and cozy. We love Jesus, we love the outdoors, and we love our baby girl, Lily. 

Cupboards are mysterious and you never know what you will find, or how it may be used to create something beautiful. From novel latte flavors to DIYs- I love creating cozy and unique environments to enjoy with people I love. I prefer old over new and homemade over bought. Follow me as I make some lattes and create!"

Thanks for reading!