Date Night | Lubbock Friday Night Art Trail

Is it just me or does the FFAT keep getting better and better? 

It's my favorite night of the month in Lubbock, and I secretly wish it happened every Friday whether or not there's new art for us all to look at. I love gathering with an eclectic group of people from my city to eat, walk around, commune, and celebrate art. 

From left to right, I took a few snaps of some of my favorite things while Brett and I walked around... 

1. Brett. He is probably my MOST favoritest-est-est thing. 

2. HORSY. 

3. Sunsets and motorcycles. 

4. One of the most vibrant murals in Lubbock. 

5. Those buddy holly glasses as clouds! Did you know they're building a Buddy Holly performing arts center? They say it's going to be comparable to the Bass Hall. And all I'm concerned with is what theatrical productions will be there and when. SIGN ME UP. 

6. This rock wall installation. 

7. We love Crave (it's our local dessert shop we try to hit up once or twice a semester--- and when I say local, I mean, they're about ten minutes away from us "on the other side of town" which is "far" in Lubbock--- and far is good because I need all the sugar to be kept at a distance), so we might have visited for some gelato after we walked the art trail. My favorite dessert we've ordered from Crave is either the carrot cake or the fruit filled crepes. Have you been? What dessert of theirs is on your favorite list?