Texas Tech Senior Portraits | Fernie

This is Fernie.

Senior Pictures included Margaritas at Chimey's because OF COURSE, Walks across campus (in her super cute/somewhat painful heels), her pretty "blowing confetti out of my hands" face, and lots of laughing. I've LOVED getting to know Fernie this year AND leading Bible Study with her. I try not to cry thinking about her leaving Lubbock for Dallas. And when I say I'm trying not to cry, it means I've already teared up about it several times and will probably sob when I drive home after hugging her goodybe. 

Fernie's a beautiful, intentional, loving, and fun soul. I've loved her honesty, her desire to cultivate and be in community with a diverse group of friends, her ability to cry and laugh simultaneously, her story of how Jesus has radically changed her soul since she came to college, and I absolutely love our shared obsession with Jane the Virgin.