Pale Pink Wedding Invitation Suite + PIZZA MENU

When Juliana First asked me to create their wedding invitations, she sent me this awesomely long email about her and Matt--- how they met, why she loves him, and how excited she was to marry him. If you know me, you know I like long emails, love stories in detail, and really getting to know my Bride--- and if you know Juliana, you know she loves sharing her life, stories, details--- and, most importantly, you know her exuberance is contagious. 

I was PUMPED to design this suite and a few extra wedding signs before we even started, 1) because this is my job and I LOVE IT and 2) because Juliana's excitement took this shindig to a whole new level of fun. 

The best part about all of this? Juliana and Matt had their first "date" at one of my favorite coffee shops, Classic Coffee in Glendora, CA. The secret is to get the Spiced Chai, not the coffee. Ya know, if you end up going there ever. Buy me some chai mix while you're there, okay? 

Juliana and Matt chose my A La Carte option so they could pick and choose exactly what they needed: Invitation Card, Details/Info Card, Handrawn map, Wedding Monogram, Silver Envelopes, a Wedding Program and Food Menu. 

Here are two alternate Invitation alternates Juliana and Matt didn't end up choosing. I'm a sucker for messy handwriting, and I absolutely loved the alternate invitation with extra wreathing and florals, but you know what? Juliana was the one choosing, and I love what she chose! 

Also, if you take a good look at the map, you'll find APU! Shout out to all my APU alumni out there--- I don't have an APU love story, but I know a lot of friends who do. :) I loved that it made it onto these wedding invitations.