Modern + Moody + Geometric Wedding Invitation Suite


If I've learned anything about my style and services after working on Kim and Zane's wedding suite, it's that my best creative services are for the Bride whose parents don't mind messy handwriting! ALL of my favorite wedding invitation designers have a messier handwritten look to their wedding invitations--- it's no wonder I love this suite and it's messiness so much. Kim said she didn't care if people could read the handwriting or not--- they'd get the gist of it. And I was like, "Bless you child, my creative needs have been met". 

My initial design process begins with writing out an entire wedding suite, rather than typing out much at all--- and this suite is a crazy AWESOME product of what the freedom to go a little crazy looks like. 


Kim is a trusted friend of mine and, believe it or not, a Photographer/Designer too, so I felt a little bit of an internal pressure to give her a wedding suite she really loved. When I first sent her some drafts she sent back the word, "LOVE", so I must have done something right. :)

She told me she wanted dusty blue watercolor, some geometrics, and handwriting.

After talking each item through with her, I decided the geometric shape needed to be the shape of her engagement ring (It's an amazing shape, isn't it?). I really LOVE the venue she and Zane are getting married at, so I wanted to make sure to include a little doodle of it on their info card. She and I both really loved the idea of round save the dates, so I was beyond excited to create those for her too. It was her idea to throw the olive leaf (it's a tattoo she has on her wrist!) on the back of her save the dates, and I love how that turned out.


And a little something I've started doing for my brides is creating an extra fun piece as a gift for them to have when their wedding is over---- Kim and Zane's wedding stylist has a "reflecting the Light" theme woven into the fabrics of their wedding, so I created a custom quote for Kim and Zane that would forever remind them of their wedding day and what they value their marriage to be. 

And my favorite thing--- the geometric monogram. I usually draw a wreath-y floral-y monogram, but after playing around with the geometrics, I fell in LOVE with this monogram. I absolutely LOVE it. 

I threw a bunch of items together, and she trusted me with so much. I LOVE how everything turned out. I don't usually design a moodier style (I'm, like, Princess Poppy, always designer with florals and pink on my mind), so this was a stellar challenge of a suite for me! 

What kind of suite would you/did you have for your wedding? Moody? Floral-y? Modern? Classic?