Demi + Alex | Wedding

How is it I keep getting to photograph these beyond chill couples? Not only were these two CRAZY relaxed at their wedding, they were CRAZY kind and hospitable to everyone there. I've always known Demi as the hugging type, but it turns out Alex is too---I loved getting to see and meet her family and Alex's family, the very huggers they got their hugging from. :)

These two...

Caring, selfless, and fun. I experienced some of the sweetest friendship, family, and marriage moments at their wedding that I don't always see in what can be a stressful day. For them, it wasn't. 

Halfway through Demi and Alex's wedding day, we ran into another bride and groom, both of whom looked stressed out, haggard, and were audibly frustrated with each other and their families. It was insane to see the stark contrast and it made me silently so grateful for the kind of intentional and gentle love Demi and Alex have created in their relationship and had made extra room for on their wedding day. 

And that prayer around the door moment? We'd laughed earlier that day about Alex crying, but you can see it in Demi's face--- she wasn't expecting to be the one overcome with tears. And that prayer Alex prayed--- He thanked God for Demi and for the day and for marriage. And his joy in telling God how excited he was is evident in these pictures.