Kelly | Senior Portraits

Senior sessions are seriously some of the most enjoyable. It's basically like getting coffee with me, but you're all dressed up and GOOD LOOKING and posing for the camera.

But for real. Each session I just get to ask you about your dreams. I get to hear about excitements and fears as graduation gets closer. And I get to hear how you've been brought to this adventurous season of life. 

I know a lot of photographers say they want to tell visual stories. And I really think that's important. 

But there are days I think it might be even more important for me to hear your story

I think there's a lot of us "picher-snappers" out here who want to get to know you. Not just get paid by you to make you look amazing (I mean, I'll do that for ya too!).

I want to be excited to celebrate you when I show up to your session. And I really value our time together.

So--- whether you love or hate talking about yourself with others... maybe we need to set up a time to get "coffee"--- I mean, maybe we need to set up a time to take your senior portraits. If anything, you'll gain a cheerleader during this crazy transitional season of life! (That's me, I'm the cheerleader). 

XOXO, Stace-face