Cadillac Ranch | Amarillo, TX

The BEST things about these photos: 

1. Brett's shirt was only $6 from the J.Crew. That's impossible ammiright? It looks so good on him, ammiright?

2. Cadillac Ranch is what's up. Graffiti owned by the state of Texas. These cars have been painted over a million bajillion times, can you tell? If I ever become a famous musician, I think I'd want my music video to be made here.

3. My turtleneck was only $2 from GoodWill. Brand: Unknown. BUT WHO CARES CAUSE IT'S CUTE. I'm going to take it in a little bit, but oh man, I can't wait to tuck it into all the vintage skirts!

4. Brett spray-painted some greek letters in bright pink. If you don't know him, this is a very Brett Stine thing to do. 

5. We get asked all the time if we are Cubs fans. Maybe? Kinda? Brett's from Iowa.... are the cubs from Iowa? Then yes, maybe. We don't do sports as much as some people do..... can you tell?

6. This was a full summer's day. A Spontaneous roadtrip to Amarillo. Lots of coffee tasting (Thanks Palace and Evocation!). We made it back on time to attend a birthday party for our friends' kids--- they are all three born around the same day. I'd say, that's some very impressive planning. ;) And then our other friends came over to chat and play games. It's like summer hit and we've turned into an entirely different couple--- I'd like to welcome more spontaneous trips, parties, tasty coffee drinks, community, and photography adventures into our life. 

Six is my favorite number. So I always try to stop there. :)