All the STD's... Save the Dates

I'm efficient and brief with my calendar. But I didn't realize how "STD" looks written out next to my clients' names. If anyone's creeped on my open planner in the coffee shop, they must wonder what kind of work I do. 

Turns out, I'm all about STD's this season--- if we're talking about "Save the Dates". 

I typically design Save the Date Postcards, and if you think about it, you probably typically receive Save the Date Postcards. Go check your refrigerator. 

But ever since I started this design business, I've been wanting to design more and more circle invitations. That's all I ever want to secretly pitch to wedding couples. The first invitation I ever designed was round. I even designed round envelopes to go with it, but it turns out, mailing round envelopes can be pretty tricky, and, even though they are the COOLEST EVER, will cost the wedding couple more $$$$ to mail. 

My friend, and fellow Designer/Photographer, Kim, asked for circular Save the Dates--- PTL!!!! I made a few different designs for her. Some designs she didn't choose are featured here (yup, that Anne and Gilbert one-- it's one I made for Kim, but I changed it to be Anne and Gilberts!!! Have you watched Anne with an E yet on Netflix?! SO GOOD--- I reviewed it in this post. Can't wait for Season 2!).

This post also features a "Rifle Paper Co." Inspired Save the Date for my long-time friend, Rachel! I can't wait for y'all to see what I'm designing for her invitation suite! 

I've also been super inspired by Tayham's greeting cards this year-- they are HILARIOUS and edgy and I love that. So one of the designs I pitched to Kim for her Save the Dates was inspired by Tayham. I can't show you the one she ended up choosing yet, but I'm excited for you to see this one! 

What's the best Save the Date you've ever received?

I still have wedding suite design spots open if you, a sweet friend of yours, or awesome family member is in need of custom wedding designs. :)

Let's at least chat about what it could look like to work together.