Loosy Goosy like Dolly Parton

I'm a little all over the place this week.

Just like this blog post.  

This past week was the first week of summer for me. Not summer vacation (you can't be a designer and photographer and have the summers off). Just the first week of summer.

In Lubbock, TX, summer means almost 35,000 students have left our college town-- public spaces are less filled and weekly schedules are far less busy. 

So, when life slows down for the first time in months... the first week of it all always leave me a little Loosy Goosy. And in this Dolly Parton inspired jumpsuit, I think that's pretty fitting. She's always come off as a smart, positive, fun gal, with a little bit of a loosy goosy side to her. I love that. 

I have about a bajillion goals and projects I want to accomplish over the summer. And about a bajilion more goals requiring me to slow down, rest, write, take more walks, and continue to create healthy habits in my day to day.

But with my first week, I've worked when I needed to and rested in some of the following ways...

I've re-introduced more reading into my life:

By grabbing a stack of inspirational books and finding a quiet spot in Barnes and Noble.

I've always loved reading, but Brett's helped me realize I'm terrible at it. I'm undisciplined. Unfocused. SUPER distracted if I try to read at home (there are so many projects at home-- plus, I work from home--- I'm SO tempted to work instead of read). For me, reading is a thing I have to practice over and over to get good at. 

It's good to practice something that brings so much life and depth into my life. Leaving my phone at home and hitting up Barnes and Noble (have i mentioned I don't have a budget to buy books even if I wanted to?) is my new thing. It really is hard work to schedule reading time. But after I've read a book or two, I'm so grateful I stole away to read. This is a habit I hope to keep up over the summer. 

Books I'm focusing on the next two weeks: 

I've embarked on some long-awaited Netflix releases, both of which I've reviewed for you below (because I'm such a professional critic?) because I can't stop talking about them with EVERYONE I see:

  1. Master of None Season Two. A billion stars out of five. I want the whole world to watch Season 2 and I want to give Aziz Ansari a big thank you hug because 1) He seems like the kind of guy who always has a really great cologne and I like hugging people that smell good and 2) for making beautiful scripts, cinematic shots, and authentic/conflicted storylines, and 3) Specifically for every conversation I will engage in with everyone who is different from me or exactly like me because of how great episode six was. 
  2. Anne with an E. Five out of five stars. This might not be the version I'd show my kids (like, there's some tough stuff and emotionally difficult themes to process), but I'm in love with how carefully the writers have woven in real trauma, hurt, pain, shame, and social-anxiety to Anne's life. She's much more of a child in this one and much more of the best kind of sore thumb there is. It's beautifully filmed and I've fallen for this version of Anne almost as much as the classic.  I'm trying not to binge things too much these days. So I'm taking this one slow... as in, it will probably take me two to three days to finish this and I'm VERY open to re-watching it with other Anne-lovers.  I'm also hoping people will also fall in love with this version of Anne so they'll make a Season 2.  
  3. Kimmy Schmidtt- Season 3. Haven't made it to this one yet. But I'm excited for some more quotes from Broadyway idol, Titus. 

More bangs and Less hair.

Yeah--- I gave myself a two hour bob haircut a few nights ago-- sure, it's cute, but two hours is a long time and now I understand why we pay people to cut our hair-- they are faster and better--- but this is  one of those "I'm not going to be in my twenties that much longer and want to do crazy hair things" moments.

I'm sure I'll probably pull the same move when I'm thirty-five. 

More staying up late and sleeping in. 

No one should ever have to explain how nice it is to sleep in. To let the sun shine over us. I like waking up before the sun and am very productive because of it... but this is a nice break in typical habits. This is not an all summer option. But it's a fun one for a week of loosy goosiness. 

Less working out and more sugar in-take...

Yeah, I'll be making those summer fitness goals REAL soon cause I can't lose all this bad-ass muscle tone I've built up over the past few months. I didn't work really hard to move it to lose it. But I am glad I took this week off from working out. 

More intentional slowing down with lots of sitting and pondering.

I have to reflect and consider all that's happened when seasons come and go. I'm a ponderer--It's literally one of my strengths according to Strengths Finder (Intellection)--- it gives me energy and life--- So even just taking an hour or two to sit on my couch to think about all that has passed over this past year is really helpful for me as I prepare to do...

More Thinking Forward

I don't naturally want to make goals or stick to a schedule--- but I like Stacie better when I'm hustling to get stuff done, crossing off lists, and not straying too much into daydreams and unfocused thought. It sounds funny, but I could easily sit and think for an hour or two and not realize any time has gone by at all. I could even be thinking about my to-do list, And not realize that my to-do list is still sitting there-- unfinished and just as important.

So, my summer goals have been made--- for my personal life, business, social life, health life... even my Instagram gets a list of goals. 

What does a week off look like to you? Do you have any goals for the summer? Do you hate goals and just want to live free of bounds? Or are you like me and know you need goals even if they aren't your first choice?