Wanderlust Pastry | Lubbock, TX

The other day I entered an Instagram contest and HOLY ZOINKS, BATMAN--- I WON. 

And of course--- I won food.

I have friends that joke about food needing to be an official love language. But, for real, it probably should be considered as a legit way to someone's heart. 

Amanda, at Wanderlust Pastry, baked me a whole big box of fun goodies and her lil' biz has totally won me over! And guess what?

Baking boxes of goodies is her big thing. It's like birch box for baked desserts. THIS IS BRILLIANCE. Is this a thing in every city and I just never knew about it? I don't know, but I'm glad she's in MY city baking boxes!

Different Assortments of baked goods every week?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes please.

This would seriously make a stellar birthday gift for someone! And I'm not even trying to subtly hint that I want one for MY birthday. I'm terrible at giving gifts, but I like the idea of ordering this and it showing up at a sweet friend's house for them to indulge in the moment, for breakfast, or to share with friends (but for real who shares dessert? not me). SO cool. 

And it tasted amazing. BY FAR, we LOVED her macaroons. I'm already trying to figure out what event or party I'll need to order more of those for. :) 

And Amanda--- she's just cool. She was out in the Texas heat delivering these goodies at 36 weeks pregnant. She's the epitome of what I consider a bad ass ladypreneur to be. Chasing down her dreams-- in the Texas heat-- at 36 weeks pregnant. SO cool.

Earlier this week I designed some prints for the ladies at SparkVoice with the words, "She can" and "She rises". I think those words are really important for every ladypreneur I encounter, because it's easy to get down on ourselves or feel like we can't. So it was fun to see Amanda doing what she does and being a total rockstar at it!

If you're in Lubbock, go order some macaroons now. For me. For my birthday. Okay, bye. ;)