Spark Voice | Inspiring Print Design

Do you remember who or what it was that first inspired you to do something? The thing or person who gave you purpose? Do you remember when something sparked your interest so much so you knew it made you you-i-er? I think sometimes it takes several years and many different moments, people, books, ideas, and experiences to get us moving more and more toward the thing(s) we really want to DO in life. 

What I love about SparkVoice, is that middle school and high school girls are being asked to consider what their spark is--- through writing. Through journaling. Through creative thought. 

They're interviewing women from SO many different professions and getting to hear about the potential they have as women and as decent and kind human beings on this planet. They are being encouraged to seize opportunities, to work through insecurities and fears-- they are being told how important their voice and how important it is they find it. 

Karen, SparkVoices' founder, was one of my professors in college, and I'm BEYOND excited she's invited me into the SparkVoice world as a speaker and contributor. For this particular project, she gave the young women in her SparkVoice meetings the opportunity to come up with a tag line or quote they think the women in their generation need to hear--- and I was then given the opportunity to turn their words into an art print. The kind of print they'd want to hang up in their bedroom. 

The quote that struck me the most, as someone who is constantly in fear of "serious-looking people" side-eyeing me for pursuing a creative career, was the Hater Shades Quote: "People will tell you otherwise, so put on your Hater Shades and black them out." Y'all, a freaking brilliant teenage girl came up with that! I LOVE it. 

Because I grew up a writer and have about 25 journals in my closet carrying the thoughts and ideas of elementary aged Stacie to 27 year old Stacie, I've found myself wishing I'd had something like SparkVoice back in the day. I wish I would have had someone telling me how to write creatively and for fun (not just how to write a research paper or how to write  a-little-bit-better-than-crappy SAT essay). I'm beyond pumped for these women and the workshops they're attending. 

I love SparkVoice (and Karen!) so much, from now until the end of July, I'm teaming up with them to sell a handful of prints I designed for their ladies and am donating 20% of every print sold to SparkVoice, so vibrant girls can continue to be encouraged, at a fun young age, to find their voice in writing, in their social interactions, and in their future endeavors. 

Help me support girls finding their voices, shop my SparkVoice prints!