Wearing the City | Lubbock T-Shirts

The other day I read about a girl who wasn't super excited to move to a certain city, but the season of life she was in, had called her to that city. She decided to embrace the city, love it, serve it, and contribute to rising up every day with hope that her city could be great, even if it didn't always seem great. She said it's hard to live in her city sometimes--- the culture is hard. The people can be challenging. And the "fun things to do" options are limited. 

And when I read that, I was even more certain I needed to produce this Lubbock t-shirt. Because I felt that way about Lubbock at first. 

 I've lived in cities that have a strong sense of pride. And though I don't always see the same pride from the local Lubbockites, I want to be a contributor to what could one day be a vibrant Lubbock pride.

I love the people who are here who love their city. Who reach into some of the hurt this city encounters. Who have given their lives to make this city great. Who envision a city moving to something even greater.

I think these t-shirts are just a small step in that direction. They represent Lubbock pride. 

I think this t-shirt could mean lots of things to lots of people.

Maybe you're moving away from Lubbock because you graduated or because your job changed and you're in need of a reminder of your time here. Maybe you're like us and you're planning on being here the next few years and you want something to represent your support for the city. Maybe you're running a tough mudder in some other city in a few weeks and you need a good tank top that represents where you're from. 

While Lubbock wasn't at the top of our list of places to move, it's honestly, been one of the first cities I've been to that embraced me so quickly. I want to dream big that it can continue to be that way for everyone who moves here. That people who move here can experience the same kind of pride we've developed in our hearts for this city over the past two years. 

Would you consider how purchasing this t-shirt could even change our city attitude?

You can pre-order your t-shirt here. I'm a small business, but I'm hoping to send out our first cluster or pre-orders by May 15. :) By ordering this t-shirt, you support me, Stacie, and my small business. You're shopping local. You're being a part of this thriving community. 

Thanks Lubbock,