Frank & Joe's | Coffee Shop

Coffee (and Spirits!) Shop: Frank & Joe's

City: Wichita Falls, TX

Drink ya gotta sip: Southern Dr. Pepper Float- Pure Cane Dr. Pepper, Vanilla, and Espresso. My husband refers to Dr. Pepper as Satan's Syrup, so if you're a rebel, this drink must be for you. 

Frank and Joe's is one of my new favorite things about Wichita Falls, along with the antiques, thrift stores, and old-town brick buildings and factories. It's a good, "If you're stopping through and need a cup of something sinful" kinda city. It's the Dr. Pepper Espresso-- that's the sinful part. Since you're in Texas, all the folk are real friendly.

Friendly People. Sinful Drank.

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Have a stellar weekend, folks, 


P.S. Check out my cute hubs in these moody pics. Edited with A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions. 

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