And I'm Feeeeeline Goooooood

I took a little walk through the University's Horticulture garden yesterday. The garden is in full bloom and when the winds not going crazy, it also smells amazing. I've learned you should appreciate and SIEZE the opportunity to peruse any bloom or green lush in this West Texas town--- before it all dies and this place turns into a cactus alley. So, I'm planning on taking Brett back for a walk if we get a few minutes of free time the next few days. 

The outfit I'm wearing in these pictures reminds me of something Drew Barrymore wears in Never Been Kissed. They had a funny bit on cardigans in that movie. My skirt, sweater, and head scarf are both thrifted. And my shirt is an awesome Windfall design (they don't have this specific shirt anymore, but I still love what they're coming out with!). 

I love sharing my creative outfits and thrift store finds, and typically don't feel weird setting up my camera for pictures--- part of owning a creative business and marketing my business/skills/creativity is marketing myself. It's the most fun part of my job. I'm busy taking care of so many other facets of my job typically, but I really do enjoy when I get to put together a fun outfit for the week and take some fun pictures. Putting outfits together, doing fun hair and makeup, and having a photoshoot--- I love doing that for my clients too. Yup, I just plugged myself on my own website!

But some days I think to myself--- "I'm literally just taking pictures of me--- does it get more vain than this?".

Especially yesterday. I found myself...

Waiting and praying with our good friend as her Dad underwent significant surgery in the hospital---- empathizing with them and knowing life feels fragile and death closer than comfortable. 

Hurting someone's feelings. Like, a close someone whom I love dearly. And being reminded I have the power to hurt others with my words and that we all need some grace offered to us. 

And even last night, a little girl knocked on our door needing a ride home to a neighborhood quite a few blocks away, and after taking some action we thought necessary in the process of taking her home, I drove away sad for her and praying we did the right thing for her. 

But even in the midst of having all those life-raw-moments happen throughout the day, I'm choosing to pray for hope in each and every situation I encountered. I'm choosing to see the hope in each. I'm grateful a veil has been lifted from my eyes and I am given the sight to see hope-- to see Jesus--- leaning into each of those difficult moments. I have been given the ability to see that. I realize not everyone can or wants to. But I'm grateful I can.

I even needed that garden cat to cozy up to me for a few minutes. Sitting there, on the earth--- I needed to take a step back from all the things. to breathe a little. To recall my own brokenness. To smile on the flowers in the short window they show up in this busy town. To be needed by a cat. 

And I needed my friend Fernie to help me title this post with a pretty stellar pun. 

Here's to cute outfits, life's raw moments, and garden cats. Huzzah!


P.S. I've been a lightroom only kinda gal lately, but today I switched things up and edited with the A Beautiful Mess Photoshop actions, Paris and Brighten More.