Katie | Bridals

I'm excited to share Katie and Justin's wedding photos in the next few weeks, but for now, I'm beyond giddy to share just a handful of Katie's bridals we took out at Ransom Canyon (for you non-Lubbock-ites, Ransom Canyon is a lake in a canyon--- geologically, it's very West Texas-chique if you ask me). 

Bridals are some of the most fun pictures for me as a photographer. There's time to really get to know the bride, laugh with her, ask her about her life and her soon-to-be spouse. There's time for me, the creative eye,to be feel the space, the posing, and the light. There's time to encourage the bride, affirm her, and show her how truly honored I am to take and care for her wedding photos. 

We took these photos just a few months before the wedding, at the same house Katie and Justin got married at this past weekend. I feel like Katie is well-represented in these photos too. She's got spunk, sass, depth, and laughter. See if you can catch those things as you scroll through. :)

I'm off to do some expenses and accounting (Hollah! Chasing down that small business life!), 

Dream'n and Scheme'n, 


P.S. I'm SO inspired by Katie and Justin's beautiful venue, but won't be sharing the location since it's a residence of Katie's family friends.