All Dressed Up: 7 thinks I've thunk this week

What I'm wearing: Recycled Fashion

Skirt- handmade find at Family Thrift Fort Worth- bought it for $1. 

Top- I cut it to a crop this week, but oh baby, this is one of the comfiest tops I own. This shirt was also thrifted from Denton's Good Will--and the brand has worn off, so the mystery of where it's from will always be alive. 

Necklace- exposed rock inherited from my Yiayia.

What's been on my mind this week:

1. All my Pride and Prejudice dreams are coming true. I'm learning English Country Dancing and I'm going to teach it to the college students I work with this weekend. Through all my youtube research, I've learned that Social Dances used to be 30 minutes long back in the day--- crazy right? Crazy that everyone learned these dances and knew so many of them! Crazy that you were given thirty minutes to dance with and get to know someone you potentially liked--- or maybe it was thirty minutes to dance with someone you really didn't like, but you said yes to be polite? I'm sad we don't do these anymore. 

2. Today is international women's day and I'm grateful for the handful of women who decided, just a few decades ago, it was time for women to have voices, choices, and value. I'm grateful women are still fighting for those things. And I love envisioning handfuls of women celebrating one another, fighting for one another, and dreaming with one another, will one day become an earthFULL of women holding one another up. 

3. I'm still feeling my face flush over the Best-Picture-Oscars debacle. About ten seconds before it all went down we had joked about how terrible it would be if they announced the wrong movie.... *insert embarrassed emoji* 

4. I'm trying out goal making this year. For someone who really loves living each day as it comes, goals can seem impossible. One of my favorite goals I made this year, is to make one project a month from my Pinterest Boards or Etsy Favorites Board. I've already failed and missed February, but I'm not giving up because I really love this goal and think I might actually get more projects done this year if I just try to tackle one a month. There will definitely be pictures as each project unfolds! I just finished up March's!

5. Brett and I have been playing UNO and Phase 10 almost every night this week and I was on a frustrating losing streak.... UNTIL LAST NIGHT WHEN I KICKED THAT KIDS BUTT. Card games before bed is one of my favorite things about being married to Brett. 

6. Every clip I've seen of Beauty and the Beast so far, has me really excited that Belle seems a little more real, human, and attainable. I think this movie will change little girls' lives. 

7. I'm headed up to Colorado Springs this week with the college group I work with. Somehow I always manage to spend Spring Break in a place colder than where I currently live. But oh man, I Can't wait to stare at the mountains and take lots of pictures! 

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