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Anybody else out there love diving into their personality type, self-reflecting on their week, or just really into introspecting? I'm all about knowing who I am and why I am the way I am. But the caveat to personality tests is learning what I'm not great at.

Guess what I'm good at?

Starting things. 

Guess what I'm bad at?

Finishing things. 

This is seriously something I have to work SO hard at. I know a bunch of really smart people argue that we should all focus on what we are good at (our strengths!), but when it comes to lots of things in life, I really would prefer to focus on this one weakness of mine--- starting AND finishing.

I think the reason they say not to focus on your weaknesses, is because they're hard work..... Finishing well In my business practices, friendships, straightening my hair, book-keeping, blogging, etc.--- for me, it's all easy to start and hard to complete. 

Like, I'm SO good at buying groceries, but I'm not SO great at making all the meals I need to prep for the week. 

And I'm SO good at buying the material to make pillows, but SO bad at sewing and stuffing.

And y'all, I'm SO good at introducing myself to strangers (it's in my top strengths! I have this strength called "WOO" which is an acronym for "Winner of Others"--- I love having this strength, but...), but I'm MORE than terrible at texting them to hang out again. 

I HAVE found that I'm really good at starting movies and ending movies. Too bad that's not super helpful or productive. 

So, this stack of books I'm holding is an "I started that a few years ago" pile.

If you asked my husband, he'd tell you reading isn't just about starting and finishing--- it's also about discipline. He says it's a habit we all have to work to form. It might get easier to read, but at first, it can be tedious to continue the habit. 

And I agree with him. I LOVE reading. I love who I am when I'm reading. But when I don't put it into habit, I'm bad at it. 

Why is it so hard?I'm really good at letting my to-do list take over any time I might have to read. I could be putting together a fun blog project or sewing up something fun--- why would I sit down to read? I literally feel antsy and physically unable to sit still when I first start reading.

It's hard work to fight that restlessness. It's hard work to train my body to be okay with sitting still and hard work to train my brain not to think back to my to-do list. 

I fight for it because I love reading. I just forget that I love it sometimes. I get out of the discipline of reading. I think to myself, "Discipline's gross". But, really, discipline, when I'm following through with it, is really freeing and life-giving for me. Although I'm a little loosy-goosy and lazy sometimes--- discipline has only ever been good to me when I'm present in it. 

And this year it's not even about finishing books I once started. "Finishing" and "following through with projects" is on my 2017 Goal list. And I really didn't come up with many goals for this year, so I'm really focusing on sticking to this one. 

And to top it all off----

If you didn't know, I'm a big fan of Jesus. Whether or not you're a fan of him, if you just read about him from a literary point of view, you'd see that he was good at finishing stuff. His whole life's purpose was to sacrifice himself for everyone in the world. That's what he says he was here for. And he did that. He gave himself over to be killed. He finished life doing what he said he would do. 

He's someone I try to be like---- and I'd love to finish stuff as well as he did in every area of my life. 

Am I the only one who struggles to finish all the things?

What's your motivation to finish what you've started?

Thanks for reading and Jamboreeing with me, Stacie


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