Wild Goose Meeting House | Colorado Springs

Wild Goose is another one of my favorite Colorado Springs coffee (and spirits!) spaces. From the color organized book case to the teal bicycle themed room in the back, this space is epic. Moody meets fresh spring breezes in the spring and summer. The coffee and food are just as good too. 

Also, their name reminds me of those sweet people who call out to their friend caught up in something ridiculous, "You Silly Goose!".

I love Silly Goose people.

They are my people. 

I was told not to drink too much coffee or caffeine while in the Springs (we were staying an hour up into the mountains every night) because the mountain altitude can make caffeine last much longer than anticipated. But on this particular day I had already been to the zoo and the Olympic training center--- I needed a little caffeine.

So, I tried their housemade Iced Chai Tea Latte. And if I'm being honest, it's not the best Chai I've ever had. The best Chai I've ever had is the Spiced Chai tea lattes from Classic Coffee in Glendora, California. But wait for it.....

The next day I tried Wild Goose's housemade Lavender Italian Soda---- and I would order that Italian Soda a MILLION times over again if I went back. SO yummy.

To top off how great this place is--- they actually brew Building3 Coffee! You can read more about Building3 in my previous post!

For those who are unfamiliar with Italian sodas--- it's bubbly water with syrup and typically a splash of half and half. 

The students I was with thought the "Poems To-Go" feature was also really awesome. I love when literature excites people! I love when I can just grab a poem for the road! Why don't all coffee shops have poems to go?! 

That must be what makes the Goose so great! 

Next time your'e in Colorado Springs, go be a goose won't you?