Building3 Coffee | Colorado Springs, CO

If you're new to the Jamboree blog, you'll find that every now and then I post about coffee shops, houses, breweries, and cafes I have a latte love for. 

Coffee shops have been important to me since I visited my first one in Oregon more than fifteen years ago! Even if I haven't fallen for the coffee, sometimes I fall for the space (and choose to get a non-coffee drink instead--- we're not about drinking poorly made coffee in the Stine house!).

I love that even when I'm in a new city, most people act the same familiar way in a coffee shop, and I think that's why I like visiting them so much.

They feel like home in one way or another.

For most coffee spaces, I would choose to use the words, "Life-giving". And when we are traveling, I especially like being in places or doing things that are life-giving. 

So, because I'm crazy for coffee, something I most pride myself in, is sharing the best coffee houses I hit up when I travel. Because I want YOU to be able to visit those places too when you find yourself in such-and-such city. 

I want to help you decide what drink to get, what space best fits your needs, and what might be fun for everyone traveling with you. 

So today, I'd love to whisk you away to Colorado Springs and introduce you to Building3 Coffee Roasters. 

I'm not totally sure what's happening to the Colorado Springs school system, but there's a lot of vacant elementary schools getting restored and renovated, with each classroom assigned it's own unique and different small business. Maybe all the moms in the Springs are just getting crunchier and deciding to homeschool their kids so they don't need school buildings anymore? 

Anyway--- Building3 is located in one of those trendy-renovated elementary schools not too far from downtown. There's a juice bar, barber, design business, crossfit studio, and a few other businesses popping up in all the other classrooms too, so if you (or the people you're with) get bored easily, you have some freedom to walk around and snoop at all the new businesses moving in. 

I loved everything about Building3:

  • Informative and kind baristas.
  • The coffee was well made.
  • The flowers were fresh and I don't know about you but that just makes my day.
  • The decor was simple.
  • And all the white space and big windows were SO perfect I snapped a billion too many pictures. I wish we could have gone back for more coffee and pictures.
  • The drink I ordered hit the spot. I'm a sucker for Rosemary, so when I saw they had a Rosemary Latte, I knew I'd found my place. It was perfect. Not too savory and not too sweet. 
  • They roast their own beans in the classroom across the way. I didn't purchase any so you might have to go purchase some and tell me how they are, yeah? 

If you go visit let me know okay? Take some more pics for me okay? Drink a few drinks for me okay?