Handwritten Vows

One of my favorite stories to tell is about how I wrote my vows to Brett. I wanted mine to be as sure, true, and Stacie as they could be.

One night, quite literally in the middle of the night, my vows woke me up. I sat up in the darkness fumbled for my pen and journal that happened to be on my bed and in the darkness I scribbled out my vows to Brett then fell right back asleep. The next day I woke up to the worst handwriting I've ever produced (which is a big deal since, ya know, I sell my handwriting for a living), but there they were-- my sloppy beautiful wedding vows. 

I vowed before Brett, our community, and God, that "I love you's" to Brett were my promises to be his bride as long as God allows me to be. I vowed to go on scary adventures to Mordor and walk through invisible walls on Platform 9 3/4 with him. And that last sentence brings tears to my eyes because I don't think Frodo or Harry always loved the journey they were on, but they pressed on because of their friends and because they saw light in the good they were pursuing. And that's what I covenanted to Brett--- that we would be each others' friend as we're pursuing the light and the good in this world. 

But I'm sure I'm not the only Bride whose stopped thinking about her vows after a few years of marriage. While I am very much so enjoying our marriage and the season Brett and I are in, it was rejuvenating and convicting to look back over our vows a few weeks ago for this project >>>

It took me forever to even find a copy of our vows. It was buried deep in our attic. And you know what? I really don't like that. It makes me sad to think they've been stuffed out of sight and mind.

 I don't like that I've kind of sort of definitely forgotten some of them and that it was difficult to find them.... because I'd really love to have a copy of them for the times when I really need to see them--- for the times I wouldn't search for them and be tempted to want to selfishly want to forget them. 

I'm sure this would have been a beneficial pre-Valentine's Day post, but the more I've been thinking about it, Wedding Vows go beyond our Wedding Days, they go beyond ridiculous holidays about love, and they go beyond getting stuffed in our attic. I think they need some visible action. I think they need to get dressed up and hang out in our bedrooms. I think we need to be intentional to read them and remind ourselves who we said we would be. As messed up as we all get sometimes--- I think a permanent place on our bedroom wall is a step in a sweet direction for our marriages and souls. 

So sure, I've written this post because I sure do want you to consider purchasing my newest product, oversized and framed Handwritten Vows, so you can hang them on your wall too. But if anything, I'd love for you to think about those words you might have said a month or two ago, or maybe 50 years ago. Are you being who you committed to be? Do you need a simple reminder of the love you had for your spouse back when you said those words?