All Dressed Up: And Drinking Nespresso

A few years ago, all the wanna-be-hipsters like my hubs and I were real big into #authenticity --- especially when it came to our coffee tasting like coffee. I was pretty skeptical about any contraption that claimed to make coffee that wasn't the espresso machine at our local coffee shop. Keurig, Knock-Off Keurigs, and Nespresso Machines--- I was ready to muster up my southern charm and verbally argue their worthlessness to anyone who shouted their praise. 

But then, my cute meet with Nespresso happened.

Brett and I fell in love with spicy coffee a few years ago in Chicago when we had a coconut latte we pretty much cried through it was so spicy---- BUT SO GOOD. Thanks, Ipsento. So, when my sister bought my parents a Nespresso maker, I tried their spicy Indriya pods, and I was a changed woman.

Real. #authentic. Spicy. Coffee. FROM A MACHINE. These days, I'm a dedicated Nespressiper (<<< Nespresso Sipper). 

And here's why I think Nespresso really would be a great investment (like, this post isn't sponsored just in case you're wondering, I just want you to consider bringing this joy and happiness into your own home): 

1. I'll be honest, and say that my in-home barista skills just don't taste as good as the espresso my Nespresso gives me. My lattes taste better. My coffee is never burnt. And I can have a quick shot of espresso or a fun latte depending on the day and my mood. 

2. It will pay off your coffee bill in about 5-6 months and beyond. The pods are cheaper than the cheapest cup of coffee we can get in our town (and letzz be RILL, our town has pretty dang cheap coffee prices). That's a big deal for when you find yourself on a budget. 

3. It's fast and you don't have to clean it after each use. Seriously. It heats up real quick. It pours out REAL smooth. I've timed it. It takes about 40 seconds to heat up and pour out. And unlike my french press or mocha pot, I don't have to clean it after i use it. When it comes to kitchen clean up, I'm depressingly lazy. Nespresso should probably make a tag line that reads: "Nespresso: For 24/7 lazy people". 

As for me getting All Dressed Up:

I'm not sure how it happened, but I found myself at our thrift store checkout with about 20 items the other day (don't worry, Brett talked me down from the ledge of 20 items to about 3 items-- yeah, he has amazing powers like that). I thought this shirt would be a nice Valentines day vibe. And then I forgot to wear it on Valentine's Day. But I love how bohemian it looks and I NEVER buy red (because if I'm not wearing makeup, I feel like red and orange colors make my face look red or orange--- bleh) so this is me taking a step in a new direction. But I really really, really love it. 

This is the most I've spent on a shirt in a while--- $6. I know, big spender. #recycledfashion 

How was your Valentine's week? Did you share a latte with someone or get to drink the whole thing yourself? Did you jam out to Celine Dion love song hits? 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about Nespresso Machines and the investment! 


P.S. Having a remote control for your camera = total game changer when you want to save money on taking lifestyle pictures of yourself but don't want to pay a photographer to do it. I should have bought one of these a million years ago.