All Dressed Up: Polka Polka.

It was insanity in Texas last week. 89 degrees and lots of people passing around the flu and strep.

Brett and I managed to skip out on all the sickness, so on Friday we dug our bikes out of the garage and took a ride around our neighborhood.

Anytime we bike I'm reminded of our time in Amsterdam visiting my sister, biking through the city, down canals, over bridges at sunset, and through forests of tall green trees. Every turn in Amsterdam is a beautiful moving painting, full of color--- It feels like you can never get enough of each moment or view. It is the very definition of poetically intoxicating. 

Biking through Amsterdam is also the scariest mode of transportation I've ever taken. I'm not amazing at stopping, keeping up with bike traffic, or making sure I don't get hit by cars. I'd also say, I have a lot of fear that I will hit a person. So, I suppose the funnest part of Amsterdam is also the most frightening part too. Would it stop me from doing it though? Never. 

What I'm Wearing: 

This feaux denim shirt and polka dot skirt are both from Plato's Closet Lubbock. My shoes are Birkenstocks because there is no other shoe in my vocabulary.