Your wedding is a day. Your Vows are a lifetime.

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Our wedding feels so long ago. 5 years long, to be exact.

Every year we cuddle puddle and watch our wedding film and I cry and hang tight to Brett's neck and hands, grateful I found someone who loves me sacrificially, gently, patiently, and gracefully. 

Every year I hear our wedding vows in that video...

But every other day of the year our vows are sometimes out of sight and out of mind for me... I forget who I've promised to be. I forget what fun, spiritual, and meaningful areas I've promised to show up in. I've forgotten that I told Brett I would journey to Mordor and back with him and run (full speed) straight into Platform 9 and 3/4 with him. 

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A copy of our vows has bounced around to several memento boxes as we've moved. And honestly, I hated that sometimes I couldn't find that copy when I really felt like I needed a reminder of what I signed up for. 



I was SO DONE WITH not remembering some of the most important words I've committed to carrying out.

I wasn't being kept accountable to keep them. Especially if I couldn't remember what they are. So I decided to write them out as BIG as possible, and hang them in our bedroom. 

And no matter where we move, I don't think these will ever quit hugging our bedroom wall. 

This discipline of remembering through intentionally hand-written vows, is a product--- a gift--- I find myself really wanting to share with others. I've never been a sales woman or great at talking up my business... but hand-written, framed, and hung vows are something I hope I never quit making for my clients! 

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I believe this is the MOST valuable art work you could ever invest in. Whether it's your wedding gift to your spouse... or your wedding gift to your recently wed best friend or daughter. One honeymooned month after your wedding, five up and down years after your wedding, or forty deeply challenging and mostly sweet years after your wedding.

Are these vows worth the investment?

I started my business almost four years ago, and while doing some etsy research, I noticed a shop selling a somewhat sloppy "thrown together" set of vows written out on notebook paper. I liked the concept, but I didn't really love the presentation. 

I've done as much quality-control research as I possibly can to make sure this is a high quality product. When I first started my business I hardly considered quality, but these days, it is the MOST important part of what I do. 

I've made sure your vows are printed with archival ink (the kind that doesn't s on high quality paper through a trusted and reliable printer. Framed in a modern, but timeless aluminum gold frame.