Judy + Jordan | La Diosa Engagement Session

Hanging out with Judy and Jordan in Downtown Lubbock started bright, sunny, and sweet, but then we headed into La Diosa Cellars, and their pictures quickly took a turn for the moodier more romantic side of things.

THIS IS WHAT I WISH EVERY ENGAGEMENT SESSION COULD BE. Intimate. Important. Intentional. And Sweet. 

Judy and Jordan are super in love and super into celebrating all of their big occasions at La Diosa--- their story has unfolded in that restaurant, and I love that they wanted to document their engagement there. We hopped from room to room and couch to couch to let them kiss and hug and smile... it was so much fun!

And these totally scream Casa Blanca don't they?

At one point Jordan jokingly sat down at the piano and they joked about being the couple from "La La Land", but now that I'm looking through these I can hear "Time Goes By" playing and see a black and white Humprey Bogart falling into a melancholy love. Fortunately for these two, their love is real and sturdy and doesn't have a sad ending.