All Dressed Up: Turtleneck Relapse

It's 2017, and all the pretties on Instagram are talking about goal making and all the Ladypreneurs out there are selling their must-have productivity planners. And I'm over here trying to swallow my 2017 goal of "wearing fashion outside of the box". I'm trying (SO HARD) to make peace with myself that I have a turtleneck on in these pictures.

Apparently we're all allowed to wear turtlenecks again. I've been pretty strongly against turtleneck wearing the past 10-15 years (no matter how warm, cozy, and truly practical they are!), so finding the motivation to even try one on was ROUGH. But I thought, the worst that can happen is I wear it and look like a turtle. And I'd rather look like a turtle than say, a mountain goat or a mole. So--- here I am. Super cozy and rocking a White Christmas winter-lodge vibe. 

To start off 2017, my creative friend Kim, and I, are doing the Parson's Social Media Detox. I always spend the beginning of each year doing rejuvenating things for myself both personally and professionally. This year it means revamping business strategies, re-designing bits of my website, and planning monthly ideas and goals for the year ahead.

And I've been doing this detox for a total of thirty minutes and I can already say--- It's nice to get work done without thinking about when and how I will post about it on social media. Any time I've ever fasted my phone, I definitely think much more clearly and truthfully.

Today specifically I'm considering what my business needs to grow (let's be real y'all, having a business is hard and I make less than a part time salary-- there needs to be some strategy for growth FOR SURE!), how I can better serve my clients, and what I need as a business owner. So I'm excited for the next ten days of planning, reading, learning, and creating--- without any social media comparisons or distractions. SO excited. 

What do you do to start your year off? Do you make goals? Do you freaking hate goals and just try to live it all in the moment? Do you buy a few new outfits to start the year with fresh creative outfit options? Do you take a break from social media? Do you kiss somebody on New Years and no think much about it all?

Here's to resolutions and turtlenecks  (dammit how cozy they are!)

New Years' XOXOOX,


P.S. Where's a good place to get a petticoat?! The only thing missing with this outfit is a petticoat/full skirt underneath. Poofed out fifties skirts are a style I LOVE wearing, but I really need to find a good slip to go underneath. Everywhere I look full skirts are either 1) more than I want to pay, or 2) too long-- like, made for wedding dresses LONGGGG. Maybe I just need to give in and purchase a well-made pricy one on Modcloth or maybe just make one and add that to my "Some Day" list. You never know about things you put on your "Some Day" lists.... they either happen or they don't.