Photo Editing Style: I'm still figuring it out

I'm still trying to figure out my editing style. I wonder if every photographer ever is always refining their editing style? While I wish every wedding I shoot could have amazing natural light from the ceremony to the reception, I've learned it's just not possible. From rooms with no windows to dimly lit ceremonies, I'm learning to embrace the light I'm given.

But as a girl who wants to visually "have a style" that my future clients can rely on, I'm wanting to figure out how to edit consistently when the light at my weddings is NOT consistent--- which is the case for pretty much all weddings and I'm guessing it's a challenge for lots of wedding and event photographers.

Nicole and Kyle's wedding was in doors, although we took most of their traditional pictures outside when the sun was super crazy bright super  dim and setting. There were lots of varying light situations and while I think a lot of brides like lighter fresher editing styles---  I've really enjoyed editing a few of their shots with a darker theme. Truer to the actual light these pictures were taken in. 

For the past two years, I've used Elsie and Emma's A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions (I'm not sure they carry actions in their online shop anymore, but they are SO worth getting if you like stylized crazy edited pics. It sounds like they're going to be coming out with something even better here pretty soon so keep an eye on their website) to edit most of my pics. I used some of their actions to make a few of Nicole and Kyle's pics a bit more dark and moody.

While I'm not sure my own style is dark and moody, I've really been loving every moody wedding shoot I find--- and most of my favorite wedding photographers are shooting with dark and moody film.

And what's hilarious to me about it all, is that I'm over here just trying to save up for a full framed camera and maybe some VSCO presets. #lordblessit

But I thought I'd share some of the darker edits I made. While some photographers definitely won't like the green undertones in the shadows--- I really love them. That's why we're all different at this craft. That's why we're all getting booked by different brides. And that's why this is called art and it takes lots of practice to figure out how we art best. :)

Flowers: Candelaria Designs

Venue: Llano Estacado Winery

Hair: Savannah Ross