Nicole | Bridals

I think you'll agree with me that Nicole rocked her bridals. Just in case you're wondering, Nicole and I have grown pretty close the past few months because we started working out together... her, so she could get marriage fit and me, so I could get 4-years-into-marriage fit. *grin*

These Bridals. Oh Lordy...

It was hot. There were mosquitoes. Wind was making hair blow all around. And lots of bugs were crawling lots of places. And even still--- Nicole worked her pretty lil' smile in the midst of all those not so fun West Texas-y things.

Can we just agree that she does a good job of flirting with the camera? I'm sure she's just as good at flirting with her hubby, Kyle. Winky Winky!


Nicole is a makeup guru (she recently taught me how to do my own makeup--ahem--- much MUCH better than the way I've BEEN putting on my face the past few years). So check out how well she did her own makeup for this shoot and if you live in Houston and you're a soon-to-be bride--- definitely look into booking her as your makeup girl. She knows her stuff. 

And her dress... don't you just love that sweet-heart flowery neckline? Beautiful. 

And last but not least-- a few behind-the-scenes thoughts... What would a Lubbock photography session be without a lot of searching for the perfect location to shoot? I scouted out the few trees in Lubbock I could find for this session and found the perfect Willow over by Tech Terrace near the University. As it turns out, Willow Trees are some of Nicole's favorites. So I super-lee-duper-lee love those under-the-willow pics we snagged of her. :)  

Know a bride who might need some of these pretty lil' bridals? I know a West Texas photographer who loves to take bridals..... she'd love to schedule yours. :)


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