How much cake do I need? || Weddings

HOLLA to my traditional couples and my non-traditional couples!

When I look back at my wedding I don't have a single regret that we chose cinnamon rolls over cake. They are some of the best cinnamon rolls in Texas. Shout out to Ginger and her crew at Ginger Browns for helping us out even though weddings aren't usually their thing.

I'm not totally sure why we didn't have cake (maybe we were trying to save money or maybe I just HAD to have an unconventional non-traditional wedding) because cake is one of the reasons I selfishly stick around at other people's weddings....


If there are two cakes--- I'm going to try my best to snag a piece of both. 

If there are cupcakes, I will probably eat one and eat the icing off of another.

The last wedding I went to there were SIX cakes. I was horrified I couldn't try all of them. 

While I'M not an expert on this whole cake shindig, my friend Sam, from Sweet Sammy Rae's, is. She let me design her cake-info-graphic and BABY-OH-BABY-JUSTIN-BIEBER, it was SO HARD TO DRAW and design CAKE AND NOT BE ALLOWED TO EAT IT.

All that to say, I wanted to share with you the two different designs we came up with for her info graphic so you can get perspective on how much cake you need for YOUR wedding.

And while you're at it DFW-ers, go ahead and visit Sam's site and snag her for your wedding day before your friends do--- her cake style is Anthropologie meets Better-Than-Pinterest. I'm telling you, you WANT to snag her. Overwhelm her with business. I want her to have cake coming out of her ears because she has so many orders!