Allison || Graduation

Five things I really love about Allison (especially after taking her graduation pictures!):

1. Look at that bomb dot com curly red HAIRRR she's rock'n. It's so gorgemous. 

2. She's an engineer. #whorunstheworld #girls 

3. She worked really hard to get to where she is today and walked out of college with a J-O-B. I loved hearing about her college experience and getting to celebrate her by taking pictures of her in all these super fun Engineering and monumental Texas Tech spots around campus!

4. I didn't have to work at all to get her to smile for these pictures. BECAUSE SHE WAS SMILING LIKE A BOSS ERRRY TIME BECAUSE WHEN YOU'RE GRADUATING YOU DON'T HAVE TO FAKE IT.

5. She's personable, deep, intentional, and thoughtful. I know lots of people on this campus will miss her and I know for a fact she's made a positive impact on Tech's campus-- they're losing a good one. :)