Website Makeover || Kara Donaldson

In highschool I thought it would be dreamy to be that girl who gave other people extreme self-makeovers. I wanted to visually and stylishly help them out--- change out their wardrobe, buy them amazing smelling deoderant, give them a shnazzier hair-cut, tell them to stop wearing their socks so high, and show them how to socially engage with others.

Ya know, make them Pop-ooo-ooo-LER. They'd hang with the right cohort, they'd be good at sports, know the slang they ought to know. #glendamakeover #wicked 

Even though I look back at old high school pictures and think to myself --- WHAT WAS I WEARING?! I guess back then I thought I'd be good at telling someone else what to wear. #yikes

I definitely didn't become a personal stylist, but I HAVE become a website/brand stylist...and that's about the raddest bomdotcom makeover job EVER.


And, I just started FREE website and branding consultations if you think your website might need a solid makeover here pretty soon!

What I love about making over websites, is that I'm not only giving your website a little bit of flair and uniqueness, but I'm also making it user-friendly. I'm helping you connect with your client and I'm helping your client easily and effortlessly understand and engage with your message and content.

I'm helping my clients look good so they can hang with the right cohort if you know what i mean. #wickedlyricsaremylife 

I'd love for you to meet Kara and I'd love for you to see our collaboration on her new website

In the short time we've worked together, I've learned she's an absolute GEM with a big heart for Africa. And she's got a super contagious smile, can't you tell? She came to me needing help setting up her website so she could share about her big move to Africa, keep her friends and family updated, and so she could have both prayer and financial partners as she transitions to Kibera.

I visually branded her name, created a thank you card design she can send to her financial partners, and spiffied up her website to work visually and practically. I really love how it turned out. I think it will connect her with her audience whether they know her or not and I think her website will be a great resource for her as she shares about her time in Africa with those around the world. 

If you need help making your brand flow or if you need a vision for how you can step up your website game so you'll stand out amongst your competitors, I've got you, girl. Let's set up a free consultation and just chat about what dreamy things we can do with your website. :)