Catching Light

There are times when I just need a breath of fresh air and to see a friendly face. Hanging out with Kristen for a few hours a few weeks ago, was exactly what I needed. She's inspiring, thoughtful, intellectual, kind, and real. And she's movie-star beautiful isn't she? We lived on the same hall in college and we instantly connected because we were both in long distance relationships. Long D, for both of us, was probably the hardest most challenging things we've ever done. And both of us, are SUPER DUPER glad long distance is over and we just get to be married to those cute guys we talked to over the phone.

She's a natural in front of the camera and I loved getting to walk through a Dallas neighborhood with her as we explored how to best use our cameras. Every now and then we'd switch cameras to try out different lenses and swap taking pictures of each other. I loved it! Oh my goodness, I can't believe she asked me to teach her how to use her camera! I felt like she was a total pro already! We even got to watch a guy propose to his girlfriend (I just looooove proposals (Proposals are some of my favorite youtube videos to watch when I'm not catching up on Jimmy Fallon, Solange, and puppies). 

I love my photography the most when there's no expectation. When I get to try new things. When money's not involved. When there is no spoken or unspoken expectation. When I'm not on a time limit. And that's why I loved these pictures. I hope I can continue to grow my photography to be like this even when I am getting paid to do it. I'm learning more and more that being a professional doesn't mean rushing. And that's hard for me. 

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