Spaces: Harvest House

My hubby loves any work space that allows him to work on Greek and drink beer. :) Harvest House is perfect for that. 

Spaces is not just a pretty series of pictures and posts you save to your “SOOO Pretttty” board on Pinterest. 

Spaces celebrates a diverse series of life-giving aesthetics we find mainly in restaurants and coffee shops---  places beyond our home. Places that leave room for us to breathe, work, commune, or slow down. It's my goal to extend beyond restaurants and coffee shops in this series, but for now, I have some really beautiful food + drink savvy places I'd love to highlight.

This series is for those of you who need fresh color. For those who want to bring the outdoors to the indoors. For those who want to feel as if they are surrounded by nature and sunlight by always picking the seat right next to the wall of windows. How many times have you found yourself wishing with your eyes shut tight that if it weren’t for the cold wind or hot weather mosquitoes or torrential rain, you could stay outside forever? This series is for you.

It's for anyone who finds it difficult to focus or feel alive if you’re in a dark room under florescent light bulbs for too long (unless there’s a bunch of candles lit, then it’s not so bad, am I right?). 

Showing off these spaces I’ve grown to love is SUCH a dream for me. While I try to cultivate an awesome aesthetically pleasing space in my own home, I think it’s nice to admit that sometimes we just need to get out and sit in a spot that doesn’t give us a preview of how messy our desk is or how many dishes we have in our sink. No matter what country, tribe, culture, or socio-economic class your'e from, I believe it is necessary for us to have a third space. 

I love encouraging others to find their third place. A space that beckons them as only another living room, porch, or little corner could. In third spaces we see clean, simple, vibrant areas created for us to use as we need. We see community, shared experiences, good food, and rich drinks.  We see something we want to be a part of. 

I would LOVE to see your third spaces or the places that bring you life. I would also love to feature some of those places in the future, so the next time you're cozying up in your corner of your local coffee shop or bookshop, take a stellar picture. :)

I'm really pumped to feature Harvest House in Denton, Texas as our first space. 

Top 5 BEST Space Aspects:

  • all that natural wood- IT'S EVERYWHERE. Tables, fences, walls, chairs, the bar. I even heard a rumor the toilets are made out of wood--- okay, maybe not. 
  • crazy huge windows with crazy lots 'o natural light
  • that outdoor stage and seating area though
  • the wall of greenery--- can we ALL have a garden like that in our homes please?
  • Quieter during the day-- perfect for those introverts who need re-charging (shoutout to my introverts and ambiverts!) and college students who need a quiet place to study. 

Recommended Drink During the Day: Cold Brew Coffee (but they also have a diverse and interesting beer selection)

Recommended Drink At Night: Kambucha-- they make their own. :) 

    I've only had the opportunity to hit up Harvest House once, but it was such a sweet experience and their space is really a winner, so I thought it would be a good share. Brett and I went at a really atypical time of day (early afternoon), when hardly a soul was present. And I think that’s why I loved the space so much. It's quiet during the day, perfect for studying, with the sun reaching all the way in through the windows. 

    If we lived in Denton now, I have a hunch I would find myself working at Harvest House often, because of all the natural light and greenery everywhere. I have a thing for spaces that make me FEEL like I'm outdoors when really I'm indoors. 

    I’ve heard, through the Denton cool kids grapevine, that Harvest House is TOTALLY different at night. It’s busy, most tables are taken, you’re likely to bump into 2-5 work or church friends, and the music (live music, when they have it), is really awesome. So if you're into that night out with your friends lifestyle, Harvest House is perfect for you. And if your'e not, you should probably hit it up during the day for that calm serene sunshine vibe--- that's probably what makes it such a great venue--- It's got a little something for everybody. 

    Tell me about spaces you love! Leave a comment or send me a message if you're interested in highlighting a place you love! 

    Hugs, Kisses, and Armpit Farts,