Logo Design: The Nest Downtown

A podcast that has TOTALLY rocked my world this past week is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you aren't into podcasting, I totally get it. But if you're gonna give it a try for once- go ahead and listen to the last episode-  Elizabeth Gilbert interviews Brene Brown. OH MY GOSH. If you've ever had fear of creativity, if you feel like you need to create to breathe again, or if you've ever thought you didn't have a creative bone in your body, this Podcast is a MUST. 

I CRIED through it. MORE THAN ONCE. That's *almost* better than a Gilmore Girls episode. 

There is SO much that goes into creativity and creativity displays itself differently in all facets of work. YOU have the ability to be creative--- it just might look different than the art teacher at the local elementary school. 

I've loved getting to work with a bunch of different clients this past month who are all SUPER DIFFERENT with creativity all over the board. Some make jewelry, some arrange flowers, and some were introduced to Pinterest for the first time because I needed to catch their style vibes. Creatives are the best people to work for. Speaking of some creatives....

Charlee and her mom are starting up their own lil' biz in Abilene, TX!!! I told them they must have a pretty awesome relationship to be able to work together. Not every mom and daughter can run a business together. But I love their excitement!

Here are a few different versions of their logo I created for them. 

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