Logo Design: The Bouquet Lab

Creating is learning and I feel like I've been getting my master's degree in creativity the past few weeks. It's like RelientK always said, "I'll take calligraphy and then I'll make a fake degree." #fakelifegoals 

I'm learning to watercolor. To design. To vector (right? what is that really?). To draw (yeesh, will I ever learn how to draw?!). To business. Yup, that's one. To business. And to collaborate with my clients' awesome ideas. 

Shout to my clients, because I love how they have been dreaming up their branding and logos. It's really challenged me to step outside my own creative capacity. Here's my sweet friend Hannah's logo for her lil' floral biz, The Bouquet Lab. ISN'T THAT THE AWESOMEST BIZ NAME EVER?! She knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to give lots of input and be unique in what she wanted. I loved that. 

Below are a few different versions I created for her logo 1) Because I was learning and 2) I get addicted to all the different ways I can maximize on the design-- I always want to make it better, funner, and prettier. The first one you see, is Hannah's official logo- different from what I could have imagined without her input. LOVE IT. Check out all the other versions!

Stacie StineComment