Thrift It Thursdays: Florals and Feaux'

Olaf said it best, "Some people are worth melting for." 

I watched Frozen again this week and I think every time I watch that movie I cry UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME (but really I mean deer because we keep finding them napping in our yard and eating our plants at night-- for reals, this is country live'n, y'all). 

Anyway, speaking of Melting and Frozen things.

Brett and I went to Melt in Fort Worth with his brother and our sister-n-law last week. Getting to hang out for a few hours is a really big deal in Grown-up Land because hanging out doesn't always happen between jobs, distance, and kid(s). So we did Grown-uppidy things and got ice cream together.

I think ice cream is actually moreso a grown up thing than a kid thing. I think I'll tell my kids so one day when they discover my secret Blue Bell container in the back of the freezer. ADULTS NEED IT MORE THAN KIDS DO, OKAY?!

ANYWAY, we got ice cream.

I died a very sweet and creamy death as i ate their rum and pineapple jam ice-cream.

I've thought about it a lot, and, I would gladly die again for that ice cream. 

I can actually hear Jack Sparrow saying it now, "Where has all the rum gone?"

And I can hear myself lying to him that all the deer in my front yard drank it and they happened to eat all the ice cream and pineapple jam this world has to offer while they were at it.

ANYWAY, we arrived at Melt.

We took some Thrift It pics outside (before I died my creamy death) because their yellow wall is dreamy and WHAAA??? It matched my outfit perfectly. Go wall go! 

This shirt was $1.50 and this skirt was $10. I'm in love with the florals in this shirt and I can't tell you how many times this skirt has worked dressed up AND down.  

Now go thrift!

And then go eat some ice cream!

And then go watch Frozen. 

And then cry till the deer in my yard come find your yard!

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