What is your part in God's story?

“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning. Tell a story. Make some light.” ― Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux

What is your part in God’s story?

Last week I was sitting in church and we were asked to discuss this hefty question. As I listened to the people around me, I was struck by how many of them struggled to answer the question. What was their part? Think for a moment about this question.

What would you say? Why is this question even important? We were created for story. From the beginning of time God has been writing a story unlike any other. It is the story of His glory. His redemption. It’s all about making His name great. But here is the unique thing about God’s story: He writes each of us a part in it. He shares the stage with us in His grand story. Each of us is given a unique and precious part.

Do you believe that?

You have been given an important role in the grandest story of all time! But do you know what it is? Some people think you have to be a missionary, pastor, or saint to really be a part of God’s great story, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Each of us is special to Him.He loves when we discover our part in His story and let go of our own lives to play our part. Let me give you an example from my own life: my parents.

This past year both my mom and dad retired. My mom spent many years working as a teacher in a school for at-risk youth and my dad was a pilot in the Air Force and also flew for a freight company. You may wonder how they each played their part in God’s story. It’s simple. They loved Jesus and were light in the darkness around them. My mom spent countless hours helping students try to graduate from high school. She shared the light and hope of Jesus with the students in her classes. She encouraged them, challenged them, and believed in them when no one else would. My dad brought the light of Jesus to his colleagues through his integrity and leadership. He lived a life very counter-cultural to the pilot world and his colleagues respected him and trusted him. He always made quick friends of staff at the hotels he stayed at because they felt valued and seen by him. They both made a deep impact for Jesus in their circles of influence and neither of them had to become pastors! Just yesterday, my mom asked me to pray for them because they are hosting a neighborhood potluck in hopes of bringing the light of Jesus to their neighbors.

It may seem simple, but this certainly isn’t easy. Living with conviction and purpose never is. You see, once you discover what your part is in God’s story, your own story seems rather too small. But living out of God’s story means letting go of writing my own (as if I really had control in the first place!).

Sometimes, living as a light for Him in the darkness is tiring and frustrating. People in my sphere of influence don’t seem to know or care that I am trying to bring the light of Jesus into their lives. Or worse yet, they reject me or distance themselves from me. But then I think of Jesus. He played the most important role in bringing light into the darkness and he was despised, rejected, and ultimately killed for his part in the story. Yet because of his conviction and purpose he pressed on to the end. He fulfilled his role because ultimately he knew that God’s story would be incomplete without his sacrifice. He saw the bigger picture and surrendered control of His life for the sake of us all.

It’s because of him that I know Light and have a story of hope. It’s for that reason that I want to play my part in God’s greater story, even when it’s hard. We know the God who writes the story. We know the Source of Light. The world is dark around you. Live out of God’s story. Make some light.

A little note from Stacie: Guest-posting for us today is one of my favorite non-millenials, Alycia Homeyer. Alycia's a thirty something single woman adventuring through life in places she never expected to be! She likes coffee, decorating, and laughing until she cries--- and that makes her alright by me. ;) She lives in Amsterdam with her blind dog, Bos. She's passionate about finding the potential in people and seeing them grow. She has the heart of a shepherd but doesn't own any sheep...yet. She's got a super beautiful instagram feed (she lives in Amsterdam- come on!) and learned how to use hashtags thanks to her SUPER trendy sister, Stacie #Blessed. Part of her mission statement reads: My life is a mosaic and God is reclaiming the pieces: broken yet beautiful pieces being put together to form a masterpiece. Some days I feel like a mess. Other days I have a bit more perspective and marvel and what is being made from my brokenness. I want to be more aware of these moments where God touches my life and changes me into who He meant for me to be. I want Him to reclaim more and more of my moments and I learn to reflect on who He is and who He says I am. You can read more about Alycia's dreamy light-filled life over on her blog, Reclaiming Kairos.