Felt Flower DIY

What’s up my JAMBOREENEES!!!

It's getting close to the end of the week and if you haven't thought about what craft you're wanting to work on over the weekend, I hope this post inspires your inner felt-flower-maker. 

Maybe you need some decor inspiration or want to make some pretty flowers for someone in your life who might need a little pick me up of "Flove"--- that's flower love.

All you type A's, felt flower making might be your opportunity to get in touch with your inner Type B. You see, My favorite part about making felt flowers, is that you don't have to play by the rules. You can make any flower you want or invent any flower you want. You don't have to be embarrassed you don't know what the name of any particular flower is or be upset because the flower you love doesn't come in the color of your wedding pallet--- you get to control the style and colors. And what women aren't trying to control some aspect of their lives? This is a perfecta craft for us! And if you mess up on a flower, you can say, "I meant to do that"...and it will still look pretty. Win. Win. Win.


-Felt (any color you want your flowers to be! Get creative!)

-Sharp Objects: Fabric Scissors; wire cutters; needle nose pliers

-Stickies: Glue Gun with ammo; Floral tape

-Floral Wire (OR really any kind of crafting wire can work if you are just making a wreath--- for flowers that stand UP out of a vase, you might want heftier floral wire to keep them upright)

-Hemp string (any thickness you want--- I chose thicker hemp for my wreath)

<<<<Step one: Make a base!

Take that wire or floral wire--- go ahead and bend it gently into a circle (you can make the circle however large you want-- I will be making a small wreath, but you could even make a crown for your head and measure it around your head to get the right dimensions). Once you have the circle size you want, cut your wire with your wire cutters. Make sure to leave an inch or two of extra wire on both ends so you can twist those ends together to keep your circle in tact (just as the circle is twisted together in this picture on your left). For my wreath, I had some extra fake flower stems from an old project so I just took them off their stems and used their stems to make my circle for my wreath. I love getting resourceful with all my scraps! I also taped my wire ends together with brown floral tape to get them to stay twisted together. 

<<<Step two: Wrap your Base!

This is where YOU [can] DO YOU. You might choose to leave your floral wire exposed, or you might choose to wrap it in glittery washi tape, floral tape, material scraps or anything you find at the bottom of your crafter's barrel. I chose to wrap mine in hemp because my sister gave me some she had left over from a project she was working on....fifteen years ago. Scraps are scraps! I first attached the hemp to the wire by securing it with floral tape, then wrapped and wrapped and wrapped until all the floral wire was hidden. On my next wreath I want to try wrapping it in washi tape! 

<<<Step 3: Beginner Confetti Flower

To make this easy Confetti Flower to the left (I don't know flowers and their names so I make up my own--- this one lookalike confetti!) all you need to do is cut a strip of felt however long or short you want, then cut little confetti strips out of it without cutting all the way down. If you see in the picture to the left, I just took a long piece of felt and cut into it 3/4 of the way each time. 

I then attach one end of my long felt strip to my "Pip". The pip**** is what we flower makers call the center base of each flower. The Pip! Like that chipmunk from Enchanted. 

****How do you make a pip? Super easy! I usually just roll up some material into al little ball and hot glue it together. Or you could cover a few cotton balls in felt or scrap material and hot glue that together into a small ball. Pips can be pretty versatile. If you want to be really hardcore, 

The pip is what you wrap your felt strip around. When you wrap your felt around the pip, you want to make sure you can see the pip, as it's the center of your flower. I can still see the center of the flower in the picture to the left. But I keep wrapping and gluing to create the petals. 

<<<Step four: Row the Roses

Similarly to the Confetti Flower, all you need to do to make this Rose is create a pip base and cut a strip of felt into the pattern you see in the picture above. For this rose pip, I scrunched my felt material together like a fan then glued it to itself. I then wrapped the petals around it and glue them to it as I wrapped. 

You CAN cut each petal individually instead of having them connected to each other. Then glue each of them on individually. You flower will sit flatter that way, but I tend to think it's easier to wrap them when they are all connected. Do what you will! Experiment with it!

<<<Step FINISHED: Attach Flowers to Wreath

When you have made each of your flowers, you can cut a green circle of felt (or any color you want!) and glue it to the bottom of the flower, giving it more of a leafy base effect. If you look at the picture to your left you'll see that I not only glued green felt on the bottom of each flower, but I also poked two holes in the center of the green felt circle so I could thread floral wire through the felt so I could attach the flowers to the wreath.

Once you have made your flowers you can either use floral wire to attach them to you wreath, or SUPER EASILY glue gun those babies onto your wreath. Or you could wire AND glue them onto your wreath for extra extra stay. I did both because my flowers kept moving around more than I wanted. 

Now it's your turn! 

For this project I tried to be as resourceful as possible and use scraps I've had laying around the house. I've purchased lots more flower-making goodies since I first started making felt flowers and think the MOOLAH$$$ you spend is DEFINITELY worth it compared to spending money on real flowers that will die a week later (but don't EVER get me wrong--- I LOVE FRESH FLOWERS). And the best part? This project isn't really that expensive anyway. :) Let me know how your felt flower-making goes and if you have any questions about the process! I'd love to help out! 

If you want some further felt flower making tutorials, go ahead and check out bkids and Something Turquoise for some more inspiration and FLOVE. 

Maybe you don't have time to make a wreath but really want one for your wedding or little girl's room? I'm selling one of my wreaths I made for this tutorial right now! Check it out below!

Have a stellar weekend!

XOXOXOX, Stacie 

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