Golden Girls.

As of right now, I really don't miss living in a dorm. You might not believe me, but I've enjoyed this season of living with my parents (okay, okay, it's only been two weeks since I moved in with them).

The best part of non-dorm life is that I find myself going through my mid-twenties crisis--- my friend, Katie, told me that's a real thing the other day...and I thought I was just being funny---- two days before my last day of my full-time-shindig I went and bought a Paddleboard that's been whoop'n my butt every day I take it out on the lake. #canyoustillgetabsattwentyfive? So this post-full-time-shindig life has been SO difficult. 

But one thing I DO miss and ache over is running into sweet college students all the time.

In light of that, I'm glad I ran into these crazy college girls at sunset a few weeks ago before I quit my full time shindig--- and I love that I just so happened to have my camera out when they ran up to give me big hugs. I've loved seeing their friendship bloom and I've loved watching them grow as leaders. Check out their perty lil' faces in the golden hour. 

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