Straight up, can we agree that Danielle can work a camera? She's got the smolders and smiles in the bag. 

Danielle has been a fast friend for us here in Lubbock and we are pumped for her because SHE IS, LIKE, GRADUATING FROM TEXAS TECH THIS WEEK! Celebrate good times c'mon.

After our photsesh was over she said something like, "This was so not as awkward as this other photoshoot I was a part of once..." So, OBVIOUSLY you should choose Design Jamboree for all your photography needs because we are SO NOT AWKWARD. 

For photographers and editors: I used A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions to edit these pictures mainly using Petal (to brighten almost every picture), Movie, Valentine, and Hank. LOVE the mood those actions bring to these pictures. 

Stacie StineComment