The Stine 2016 Calendar- Happy New Year!

Seasons shifting and new years coming is one of my favorite parts of life.

A new year to give yourself another chance. An old season of hurt and pain to lay to rest.

If there's anything so sweet about today, it's the fact that we're given an intentional few hours to let go, reflect, and envision newness. Reflection is missed so often and over-looked because we just keep plowing forward-- have you taken the time to do it?

 I love hearing what friends have to say when they reflect over their year. For some it was their shittiest most challenging year yet. And for some it was a breath of fresh air compared to loads of past shitty years. And for others, it will always be known as the year that failed to live up to the Back to the Future hype. Acknowledging what it was and envisioning how we'll move forward from it--- that's what is so special about today.

For the Stines, it was a year of positive change for our vocations, marriage, dreams, and community. 

Whatever you envision your 2016 as--- we thought it would be fun to start it off with a bit of goofy. A reminder to not take your months too seriously. :) We hope you enjoy looking at this calendar we made for our families for 2016--- just as much as we enjoyed making it.