Thrifted Thursday

*Starts with whispers ends with shouts*

"sweaters, Sweaters, SWEaters, SWEAters, SWEATers, SWEATErs, SWEATERS, SWEATERS!!!!!"

This is my new FAVORITE sweater. It's blue and cozy just like I imagine a cloud in Neverland feels. 

Also, life is just SO not about clothes most of the time (unless maybe you're a fashion designer or you work at Old Navy), but personally, I think wearing comfy clothes MENTALLY improves situations, circumstances, and challenges. Do you have something you can cozy up and work through life in? No? Maybe it's time to hit up the thrift stores and grab a big ole sweateroo. 

And the best part about thrifting is that you get to fancy up something someone else didn't want anymore while saving $$ and even saving some of the earth's resources because a new sweater didn't have to get made. Win. Win. Win's for everyone!