Serge's Poem Print

My friend Serge wrote a beautiful poem and I was honored he asked me to paint it for him so he could put it above his fireplace. I really love the words of his poem and though I'm not really amazing at painting and murals- this project was a good challenge for me. 

I'm really grateful for how it turned out and honestly I think focusing on the words he wrote was sweet for my heart and healing. The words to his poem are written below the images--- how often do we all find ourselves believing lies about who we are that oftentimes lead to shame. And yet the Lord gives us truth and leads us out of shame through Jesus Christ. I firmly believe that and it gives me hope every day. 

The voices inside are calling my name

But what they really call i say shame

They beat me up and tear me down

And make my failure my renown

But when I look to God I see

One who died & lives for Me. 

He comes down and lifts me up

His grace and mercy fill my cup

upon my cross he takes my shame

And reveals to me my true name. 

Stacie StineComment